Evolution GC-MS/MS


Your Agilent MSD can do GC-MS/MS - Chromtech Evolution GC-MS/MS


You need GC-MS/MS because...

The Evolution-GC-MS/MS selectively detects analytical compounds in heavy matrix by means of MS/MS. The sensitivity in matrix increases by SCAN-> SIM-> MSMS

A high chemical background known from SIM technique will be eliminated by MSMS.

Typical applications are samples with difficult matrices: doping analysis, forensics, drug testing, pesticide residues in food, biomarker analysis for oil exploration, dioxin trace analysis, etc.


We enhance any Agilent 5977, 5975 or 5973 MSD to a GC-MS/MS system called EVOLUTION


  • Extractor Ion Source - The ‘push-pull’ principle of the Extractor Ion Source delivers more ions to the mass analyzer and increases confidence of your trace analysis methods.
  • Instrument Detection Limit (IDL): Replace signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) with the new industry standard that measures the true sensitivity of your mass spec instrument.
  • Heated Gold Quadrupole - The quartz, hyperbolic monolithic is the only mass filter that can be heated to 200°C without loss of resolution or mass accuracy.
  • Triple-Axis Detector (TAD) - Optimizes signal-to-noise by combining efficient ion collection and amplification with the elimination of neutral noise.
  • GCMSD MassHunter with MSD ChemStation Data Analysis - Supports the MassHunter data analysis workflow for all instruments and the classic MSD ChemStation workflows for your GC/MSD and GC only operation.
  • Accurate Mass Data – The combination of Agilent’s proprietary quadrupole with MassWorks Software produces reproducible, highly accurate mass information, effective noise filtering, and unbiased baseline correction.
  • Integrated GC-MSD Communication - The 7890B GC and 5977A MSD ‘talk’ continuously and form a unified system that supports the highest productivity for your laboratory.
  • Sleep/Wake Mode: In sleep mode, you can reduce your energy costs and the system scheduler will wake the GC/MSD and ready it for your next work day.
  • Programmable Helium Conservation Module - Reduces helium consumption for GC and GC/MS systems by changing to an alternate carrier during system stand-by.
  • Safety Protection - If the MSD shuts down unexpectedly, GC gas flow is automatically terminated, ensuring safe operation with hydrogen and eliminates waste of costly helium.


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Evolution GC-MS/MS Brochure

Evolution GC-MS/MS turns your MSD 5973/5975 or 5977 into a true GC-QQQ - no matter which vacuum system it has. Operated by ChemStation while data analysis is done by ChemStation or MassHunter.

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Evolution gc-msms specifications

Evolution QQQ specifications are equal or better compared to any other GC QQQ in the market.

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Evolution GC-QQQ: PCB traces in fish tissue.

The CHROMTECH Evolution QQQ is capable of very sensitive PCB determination. Since any MSD could be converted to an Evolution QQQ it is by far the most valuable gc-ms/ms system in the market.

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DynaMO: Evolution Dynamic MRM

Don't struggle with correct retention time windows, let DynaMO do the job.

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PESTiMate: Evolution MRM library

Our PESTiMate mrm library contains msms data of more than 820 compounds. Just a mouse-click and a new pesticide is part of your gc-ms/ms method.

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