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ChromBot Laboratory-Robot

The interface between man and measuring system


Reliable - off the shelf!

ChromBot: A collaborative robot that protects your colleagues!

The ChromBot light construction robot is certified for the direct environment of the human being without the need for further protective measures. Because even in the event of a collision with the robot, there is no danger for the people who work with it because the effective forces are significantly mitigated. This is confirmed by a design test by the German Berufsgenossenschaft according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC.

As a result, high investment costs for barriers or light barriers belong to the past. Likewise, you can decisively promote the automation of your sample preparation and analysis and benefit from the resulting flexibility in human-robot collaboration.


Light weight - off the shelf!

The lightweight construction robot ChromBot can be used in many ways.

Our laboratory robot orientates itself thereby both in the dimensions as well as in the speed of movement on the human arm. Its elastic concept of safety allows a load capacity of up to 500 grams.Due to its characteristics, the robot arm is ideally suited for various tasks within laboratory automation.


Flexible - off the shelf!

The lightweight construction robot ChromBot is characterized not only by a very low weight. It is also versatile in laboratory automation. Thanks to its simple and intuitive programming, it can be set up within a few minutes at different stations and put into operation optimally for very specific process conditions.

Another advantage of our robot: ChromBot has a simple operation, combined with its innovative safety concept, makes intensive training courses and expensive protective enclosures superfluous. This makes it superior to many conventional industrial robots.

Its comparatively low acquisition and operating costs additionally ensure a quick amortization of your investment.


ChromBot-Video: Application TCA in cork





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